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The World According to Me is a play on one of my favorite novels, "The World According to Garp," by one of my favorite authors, John Irving. While I am not nearly the writer Irving is, I hope that my musings will offer a unique perspective on life. If nothing else, I have something to look back on when dementia kicks in.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007


We saw Sicko last weekend, the new Michael Moore documentary vilifying the American health care industry. I realized, while I was trying to scrape up my jaw from the sticky, Coke-drenched floor, that the fact that I used the word “industry” to finish that last sentence is what’s wrong with our structure. The film is excellent. Sure, Moore is polarizing because he’s an unabashed, lightning rod liberal whose techniques are dubious. And yes, his speech at the Oscars a couple of years back was inappropriate. I know many left-wingers who find him reprehensible. But the dude knows how to make movies. And even if he’s exaggerating a little for effect, he’s not making this stuff up.

How is it possible that we--the richest country and lone superpower (so they say)--have a worse system than El Salvador? EL SALVADOR!!!! That’s right, the same El Salvador where over a third of the people live below the poverty line; the El Salvador whose early history was marred by revolutions and coups; yes, even the El Salvador that forbids abortion under ANY circumstance. In the name of Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez, what is going on here?

I don’t want to be branded as a socialist; God knows I have a healthy respect for money, particularly that which resides in my wallet or bank. But I would be willing to pay more in taxes for better health coverage. As Moore attempts to illustrate, it’s not only uninsured individuals at risk. We, the insured, have much to fear. Insurance companies exist to make money, not protect people. In fact, the more people they protect, the less money in their pockets. No wonder they deny so many claims. It is an illogically, flawed system.

It’s a good thing that, like Fame, I’m gonna live forever.



Blogger Wokn said...

While I think that it is great that Micheal Moore is bringing attention to this very important issue, so much so that no matter what Sicko says its a great thing that it is out. However, I also think its important to remember that Moore is very good at portraying only one side of an issue, and in this movie he does that very well without commenting on the good aspects of American health care. Our healthcare system may have problems, and it is criminal that with all our wealth people in this country have trouble getting medical care, but there is a reason that many of the richest people in the world come here to be treated, because despite its exclusivity, our medical system does generate the finest clinicians and research scientists in the world.

July 20, 2007 2:51 PM  
Blogger gwheathie said...

Yes, but what good are "the finest clinicians and research scientists in the world" if insurance companies don't allow us to utilize their discoveries and skills?

July 20, 2007 6:11 PM  

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