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The World According to Me is a play on one of my favorite novels, "The World According to Garp," by one of my favorite authors, John Irving. While I am not nearly the writer Irving is, I hope that my musings will offer a unique perspective on life. If nothing else, I have something to look back on when dementia kicks in.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Mrs. E and I are watching So You Think You Can Dance, a dancing version of "American Idol." We contend that the dancers on this show, who beautifully contort their bodies and bend like rubber bands, are far more talented than are the karaoke-like singers on Idol. For those who were unable to see tonight's show, here is the quick synopsis:

8:03 -- What is Mary Murphy wearing? She looks like a zebra with leggings on her arms.

8:05 -- Wade Robson, clearly smoking some narcotic, espouses his notion of how he wants to see humans on stage, not just dancers. What?!?

8:14 -- Dominic and Sabra are freakin' awesome! It's a bit curious that Sabra kept saying in the opening piece that Dom always drops her during their lifts. At first I thought she was joking, but then she continued to harp on it.

8:31 -- I've warmed up to Cat Deeley since the first year. She's quite sappy, but I suppose she serves her purpose well. But she is REALLY thin. Far too thin if you ask me. Incidentally, can anyone explain to me why (it seems) so many of our reality shows are hosted by British imports? You know, we could've kept those accents if we liked them so much.

8:32 -- Hok and Jaimie disappointed tonight. Hok is an unreal talent. But, like Cedric (eliminated last week), he lacks the technique that most of the dancers possess. This is why the street, hip-hop dancers typically don't make it to the end of the competition. Eventually, the audience catches on that they have lots of style, but very little substance.

8:42 -- Pasha and Sara were bland. Mary is 100% correct. While they may have been technically correct with their ceaseless jazz hands, they did not connect with the audience. And those outfits! I know they danced to a Queen song, but did they need to raid Freddy Mercury's (may he rest in peace) closet?

8:56 -- Mary clearly has channeled Mrs. E because every comment that comes out of my wife's mouth inevitably is echoed by Mary mere seconds later. For example, after Neil and Lauren's routine, Mrs. E said, "What is this supposed to mean?" After acknowledging that she liked the performance, Mary raised the very same issue. The only difference between Mary and Mrs. E is that the latter doesn't screech every five minutes like she's descending from the top of a roller coaster.

9:07 -- Danny is this generation's Tommy Tune--lanky, terrific extensions, and a joy to watch. Finally, as Wade points out, Danny has made an emotional connection. Can he chill with the sweat, though? It looks like he just stepped out of the pool. Anya is boring me more and more each week.

9:18 -- Same Dan Karaty hip-hop motif: boy chases girl, but girl is a nasty bitch. Sooooooo cliche.

9:19 -- Remember Brittany Spears' slutty Catholic school uniform from that video? Lacey's outfit is the slutty version of that!

9:25 -- Whereas in the past two or three weeks it has been difficult to discriminate between so many outstanding performances, this week's routines were underwhelming. I wouldn't be surprised if any of them are booted, nor would I be too disappointed. The tension is mounting. Oh, were it only Thursday night already!!!



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